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3D model of Panamik wellness centre

Panamik Wellness Centre
| India | Status: Design proposal completed, 2018

The Panamik Community is based in Nubra Valley along the Indian Himalayas, in the state of Ladakh. Winter is harsh here and Summer is dry and cool and is also the only time adventurous tourists, mostly biker tours, would venture into this high-altitude valley to visit the sights in the near by town, Thirit. 

3D west facade of the Panamik wellness centre

Tapping on the main source of income through tourism, in 2017, a design proposal commissioned by a Singapore surgeon was envisioned, to make use of the local natural flowing Himalayan hot springs to build a wellness centre for the Panamik Women’s Alliance, in order to assist them to make an income during the short summer period.

2nd Storey Plan ( not to scale)
1st Storey Plan ( not to scale)

1st Storey Floor Plan | not to scale

2nd Storey Floor Plan | not to scale

Roof Plan ( not to scale)

Roof Plan | not to scale

Sectional drawing ( not to scale)

Section | not to scale

| Collaborators |

Panamik partner Community (Wangyail)

#Panamik Community (Wangyail)

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