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'Architecture and design processes can be the means to design for social impact, not building' 

- Liz Ogbu



#Giving Back

About 30% of our profits are donated to the non-profit organisations or foundations with whom we collaborate and we aim to increase this percentage as we develop our business model.

Although we focus on delivering long term impact to the community, there are many situations in which immediate monetary injections can help some of these organisations through tough times. Hence we sometimes help such organizations to raise funds too.

#A Catalyst for Meaningful Projects

We believe we can be the catalyst to bring together the right expertise and collaborators to serve the needs and opportunities in different projects.

#Power of Collaborations

We believe that if individuals, small companies, and large organisations, can come together with a common belief that they can contribute with their expertise and assets, the potential to help needy communities is enormous. To be the catalyst for meaningful projects, we bring in collaborators with a similar vision, to work towards delivering an impactful outcome.

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WeCreate Studio was founded with a vision that community-involved design and development processes can address and solve many current global challenges, with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guide, such as eliminating poverty, improving quality education, providing clean water and sanitation, to develop more sustainable communities.



Using Architecture as the means, together with the skillsets of an Architect, we aim to provide the communities with whom we work with, the solutions for self-sufficiency. To do this effectively, we provide project leadership. We believe in bringing together expertise from fields relevant to the projects in which we are involved in.



We believe in providing solutions through our services for long term impact to our clients and the communities with whom we work. Through in-depth community engagement as part of the design and development process, we are able to provide specific solutions that the community needs in the long run.

'To design for the sea, talk to the fishermen. They will be the best resource that one can have' - Trecia



Our approach to fulfilling our mission is to work on projects with local authorities and the community directly so that there is ownership and sustainability after we have handed these projects over to them. We adopt a co-creating design process with the community, involving them throughout the design process. We employ local people as far as possible, to provide jobs and skills training to the community. We incorporate local materials as far as possible into the design, to support the local economy and to seek sensible sustainable design and construction solutions.

#think big, start small, relentlessly seek impact

In all our community related projects, we seek to understand their wider needs, through each small engagement with our stakeholders, and by constantly ensuring that each decision made is in line with the objectives of the project.

#innovation in the process

We believe in being creative with our solutions, no matter how small they are. Creativity and true innovation can come from the little resources that we possess.

#learning while learning

Helping a community is a two-way process.  While the communities learn from us how they can improve their lives, we too, learn from them the environment and situation that they are in to be able to offer suitable and sustainable solutions. Hence we aim to first understand the community, its culture and its environment and then bring our skillsets in, to create a jointly-designed solution. Facilitated with our creativity and beliefs for social impacts, meaningful design proposal could be co-created.

'Because We Can'