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Mind + Space: Mental Well-Being & Space Series | 2021 | The Philippines
Organised by United Architects Philippines Quezon City Saga Chapter

Trecia’s sharing, titled “Architecture for Humanity: Human-Centred Design” touched on processes, impact and innovative solutions that have been integrated in our various projects to design for users’ well-being.


In this webinar, different speakers explored the positive effects that design of a physical space can have on our mental wellness. While it is important for us to recognise the symptoms of people struggling with their mental health, as well as know how we can improve our mental wellbeing, we can also reduce stress and improve our self-esteem and overall wellbeing by having sufficient green and active spaces and access to nature. Having ample spaces for social interaction also enables one to feel the support of the community. 


Through this Mind + Space webinar, it reminds us that in terms of creating opportunities for better wellbeing, so much more can be done. It does not only lie in the spaces around us, but we would also need the buy-in from organisations and individuals to provide a safe and supportive space for one another. And lastly, not only do we have to design with the Mind, but through the Heart as well. 

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