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Archifest 2020



Confessions of an Arki Grad: My Mental Health and My Purpose

| 2021 | Organised by United Architects Philippines Graduate Auxiliary – Manilla Chapter

This series of webinars served to increase its members’ awareness of mental health upon graduation, especially during the pandemic times.


Mind + Space: Mental Well-Being & Space Series

| 2021 | Organised by United Architects Philippines Quezon City Saga Chapter

Trecia’s sharing, titled “Architecture for Humanity: Human-Centred Design” touched on processes, impact and innovative solutions that have been integrated in our various projects to design for users’ well-being.


Participatory Design + its emotional impact on Singapore and South East Asian Communities

| 2021 | Organised by DesignSingaporeCouncil and supported by National Design Centre

A sharing on how empathy is design solution’s forgotten formula and the journey of evoking emotions in communities through participatory design in both Singapore and South East Asia.

YAS Forum poster


| 2020 | A forum organised by Young Architects Studio

A discussion on the relevance of role of Architects as part of the Archifest 2020 theme, 'Architecture Saving OUR world'

Youth for Education cover image

Why Volunteering is not Enough?

| 2020 | Organised by NGO Youth for Education, Indonesia

A virtual sharing on the works of WeCreate studio and a discussion on the need for NGO to be self-dependent.

BATAM Talk in Sei Bedok, Indonesia

Development Strategic Plan in Sei Beduk, Indonesia

| 2020 | A forum to discuss with the Batam community on the business, technology, together with Architecture, Design and the Arts for the development of Sei Beduk district.

Regional Connect, Shaping the Future, the Power of ASEAN Community

Regional Connect, Shaping the Future, the Power of ASEAN Community.

| 2019 | A forum to discuss on a collaborative future for the ASEAN community and how the Public sectors, Small-medium-enterprises (SME) can all contribute.

Master's Tea Series' group profile picture
WY-TO Projects Presentation Photo

Master's Tea Series: 'IN CONVERSATION' with Ms Trecia Lim

| 2019 | Organised by College of Alice and Peter Tan (CAPT), NUS 

A talk with the students from NUS on Architecture and Community space design and the experience of volunteering in less privileged and rural communities.

WY-TO Connects-#04-The other side

| 2019 | As part of Singapore Design Week, a talk with a theme 'THE OTHER SIDE', shares about the need for collaboration and broadens the discussion to complementary fields of expertise and also focusing on the multifaceted routes taken by architects and designers in pursuits of a Successful Careers and Creative Balance.

Archifest Exhibition 2020


2020 Archifest Exhibition

Archifest 2020 Exhibition, Singapore

| 2020 | 'Architecture Saving OUR World', The Learning Village

A working exhibition with the Karen Community in Myanmar that showcases a process-driven architectural design and planning that uncover latent community needs and empowering the communities.

Teewado Design Proposal (Architfest 2018 Exhibition)

Archifest 2018 Exhibition, Singapore​

| 2018 | Design for Resilience

An exhibition that focuses on resilient architecture and sustainable materials for disaster-struck locations.


CNA938 Asia First

CNA 938: Asia First - with Arnold Gay and Yasmin Jonkers

| 2022 | Trecia comments on the article 'At 6pm, it feels like it’s lunchtime': Low pay, long hours driving away Singapore's young architect hopefuls' by Cheryl Lin from CNA.

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CNA 938: The "XX" Files - with Yasmin Jonkers

| 2022 | Trecia shares about her journey as an architect and what it means to design for social good.

Straits Times RSVP
ST logo.jpeg

The Straits Times: Learning centre at The Majestic to help seniors avoid scam menace, apply technology in their daily lives The Straits Times webpage, President Halimah Yacob's Post

| 2022 |  Launched by RSVP Singapore, in partnership with Singapore Pools and CapitaLand Hope Foundation, the Majestic Smart Seniors Applied Learning Centre (MSSALC) provides a safe and welcoming space to bridge seniors and technology. MSSALC is a collaboration between WeCreate Studio and Participate in Design.

Zaobao KeJu
zaobao Logo

早报 (ZAOBAO sg): 芽笼买地建会所茶阳两年后迁新居 (Char Yong (Dabu) Organisation's mixed-use development to move in 2 years) webpage

| 2022 |  Our project is featured on ZAOBAO Singapore! Covering an area of 1,700 square meters, the multiple trajectories of the seven-storey development not only considers wellbeing and economic design, but most importantly, it remains true to the heritage of Hakka culture. Upon purchasing the permanent site in August 2020, the Char Yong Foundation (CYF) commissioned the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) to host an open design competition on 28 December of the same year, to select the design that best meets the requirements in two stages. Attracting 88 entries and further undergoing a rigorous evaluation in Stage Two, our design, in a collaboration with PROSE Architects, was awarded the winning entry in September 2021. For Stage Two, we tackled the various design trajectories that compliment, if not transcend, architectural excellence as it is typically practised. 

Zaobao sg Anchor
zaobao Logo

早报 (ZAOBAO sg): 为下一场瘟疫做好准备 (Preparing for the next pandemic) webpage

| 2020 | A press mention as part of the list of events for the  Archifest 2020 Festival on how we can prepare for the next plague from the design perspective.

D + A magazine Anchor
D+A magazine

D + A magazine Design & Architecture webpage

| 2020 | 'Because I Can'

A featured article that shared how Ar. Trecia chose the road less travelled.

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