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'Architecture and design processes can be the means to design for social impact, not building.' - Liz Ogbu

yellow triangle Our Vision

Our Vision

Solve global challenges through architectural design and planning

WeCreate Studio was founded with a vision that community-involved design and development processes can address and solve many current global challenges, with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guide, such as eliminating poverty, improving quality education, providing clean water and sanitation, to develop more sustainable communities.

Empowering the Community

Yellow and Black Triangle Our Mission

Our Mission

Develop sustainable communities through community-driven and 

people-centred solutions

Using Architecture as the means, together with the skillsets of an Architect, we aim to provide the communities with whom we work with, the solutions for self-sufficiency. To do this effectively, we provide project leadership. We believe in bringing together expertise from fields relevant to the projects in which we are involved in.

Long Term Social Impact

We believe in providing solutions through our services for long term impact to our clients and the communities with whom we work. Through in-depth community engagement as part of the design and development process, we are able to provide specific solutions that the community needs in the long run.

Giving Back

About 30% of our profits are donated to non-profit organisations or foundations with whom we collaborate and we aim to increase this percentage as we develop our business model.

Although we focus on delivering long term impact to the community, there are many situations in which immediate monetary injections can help some of these organisations through tough times. Hence we sometimes assist such organisations in fundraising too.


Yellow Triangle Our Values

Our Values

We are purposeful in our processes and solutions, to seek long-term impact.


We adopt a community-driven approach to develop people-centred solutions.


We relentlessly innovate to seek transformational change.

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Our Team

Jocelyn Chen

Jocelyn Chen

Project Architect

Trecia Lim

Trecia Lim

Principal Architect, Founder

Trecia Lim

Principal Architect, Founder

Sim Wen Wei

Sim Wen Wei

Architectural Associate

Tan Qi Wei

Tan Qi Wei

Business Development and Marketing Manager

Past and Present: Christopher Chong | Phyo Kyawt Khine Tun | Andrew Ang | Neo Zhen Yang | Kirti Joy Menon | Joel Siaoman | Hwang Yerin | Michelle Lee |  Lee Yao Yu | Foo Hui Ping | Beatriz Ong | Jonah Lee | Xavier Ong | Du Huiyan | Zikri Hajhari | Ivan Koh



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