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Design through Community Engagement

Design through Community Engagement

At WeCreate Studio, we believe that through a people-first approach when designing spaces, it leads to appropriate, successful projects. From stakeholder interviews to co-design workshops, we make the most of a community’s knowledge with experiences, and incorporate the expectations, in order to deliver deliberate and inspiring designs, which allow the community to develop a stronger sense of ownership through the design processes.


As certified Universal Design (UD) Consultants by BCA, we guide developers and co-designers, beyond the scope of the Code of Accessibility, to better understand and adopt practices for a more inclusive environment and the possibility to achieve UD Mark Certifications for buildings.


Planning with Community.

Community Development Planning

We deliver long-term impact for medium and large scale development by incorporating the principles of systems thinking, circular design, and futures thinking planning into our solutions. System thinking towards a circular design, allows a holistic approach to community development design and programme planning that are community-driven for more future-proof developments.

Social Impact Research and Assessment


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We maintain that developments can be designed and developed for social impact, by improving the social well being of the wider community. And these impacts can be assessed with indicators to form measurable social assessments.  


Our strategies to achieve the impacts and assessments include analysing, monitoring and managing the intended and unintended social consequences, both negative & positive of planned interventions such as policies, programmes, plans and projects. 


As certified WELL Building Standard Consultants, we work with our partners and clients to integrate measures that prioritise wellbeing of buildings into both design and processes. This is an inordinate achievement that reflects our commitment to making better designs.

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Architecture Design & Qualified Person (QP) Consultancy (Singapore)

Accredited by the Board of Architects in Singapore, we provide architectural services from concept design, tender documentation, construction documents and contract administration, to submissions to local authorities. With our team's knowledge and skills, we help our clients to effectively manage their project's portfolio. Through established methodology and practices, we ensure that changes are well coordinated. We also adopt a collaborative approach with various specialists and engineers to administer a project that meets clients’ expectations.

Design for Safety Consultancy (Singapore)

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We assist our clients in providing Design for Safety Professional (DfSP) services in accordance with Singapore's Work Safety and Health (Design for Safety) Regulations to facilitate the project team in identifying and mitigating the risks inherent in building and construction projects. In doing so, we minimise the safety and health risks involved during the construction, maintenance and repair phases of projects.