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deepening empathy

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Why was this game created?

hello empathy is a conversation card game to deepen empathy through meaningful interactions, for designers to be more inclusive in their design.


We discovered that meaningful spatial design can be branched into 3 aspects: mental space, emotional space and physical space.


With the awareness of these 3 design aspects, we believe that designers and co-designers will have a common platform to co-design together, amplifying inclusive spaces for all communities.

You Will Experience


Thoughtful and meaningful conversations



Awareness and understanding of autism and other communities



Cycle through different layers of empathy in different contexts


What People Say

hello empathy provides a safe space for strangers to come together and have conversations that otherwise, we wouldn't have the opportunity to talk about.

Amira Komari, Principal Associate, Participate in Design

Backed by Research

As recipient of the Good Design Research Grant, supported by DesignSingapore Council, we embarked on a 1-year design research with prototype development to enhance the quality of spatial design for persons with autism, by deepening designers' capacity to design well, through understanding the autism community in Singapore. 


hello empathy is the outcome of this research, to empower designers and co-designers to be able to dive into the depths of inclusive and personalised designs for persons with autism, through an empathetic design journey, suitable for designers, co-designers or even friends who just want to have a conversation. This game would not have been possible without the engagement through the research and prototype workshops with volunteer designers, social agencies, persons with autism and their caregivers.

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