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Designing for Special Needs Communities | 2023 | Singapore
Organised by Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA)

How do an architect and client embark on a project for special needs communities? While there exist literature and research on design principles and recommendations, the design of spaces, interior, furniture, and material selection are often customised solutions and collaborations by all parties involved. Besides design competency and project management, the architect needs to have empathy and compassion to create projects that are aesthetic, meaningful and suitable for the users’ needs.

Trecia, along with Ar. Victor Lee and Jacqueline Yeo from PlyStudio Architects, Tan Sze Wee from Rainbow Centre and Bernard Chew from St Andrew's Autism Centre, gave their professional opinion on how to design better for the Special Needs Communities. 

CSR20230331_Designing for Special Needs Communities.jpeg
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