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Baan Dada Meditation Center

Baan Dada Children's Home
| Our NGO Collaborator (Thailand) |

Baan Dada is a safe home for disadvantaged children situated on the border of Thailand and Myanmar where they are brought up as a family under the guidance of the Neo-Humanist foundation which aims to contribute to sustainable development of the individual, the community and the environment initiating local projects, such as building hospitals, schools, providing medical/eye care in remote villages and giving donations such as food, clothes, and school supplies.

The home teaches the children life skills including cooking, technical skills, gardening, weaving, foreign languages, music, yoga, environmental awareness, meditation, and vegetarianism under the philosophy of love for all living beings to provide opportunities for a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Baan Dada Children's Home also inspires the children to be grateful for the opportunities they get and to further give back to others, therefore a crucial part of this project is helping communities from remote Thai and Karen-Mon-Burmese villages. Many refugees and migrant families moved to this area due to poverty, disease, and political repression by the government in Burma.

Baan Dada family is like any other; they take good care of their home, and do many activities together such as cooking, playing music, homework and playing sports. Above all, they encourage each other to be hard-working, honest and compassionate.

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