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Ronny Matzat

| Our Creative Superhero™ |

Architect, Designer, Photographer, Artist, Ecopreneur, Educator, Sustainability advocate, Daddy- Ronny is wearing many hats (literally). Born in former East Germany, where sustainability was a necessity to survive, educated in architecture, engineering and finance in Germany and Australia, finetuned in Denmark and now based in Australia and the Philippines - Ronny is a true global citizen and creative superhero. He is a registered member of the Danish Association of Architects and his projects have won awards in innovation and sustainable design.

Ronny is the founder of DSGNK™, a multidisciplinary design studio, as well as a co-founder and sustainable design consultant for the Green Building Institute Australia (GBI). As his very latest business endeavour Ronny co-founded biolastics, a company set up to transform today's plastic industry into a sustainable domain.

Besides being a trailblazer for innovative materials like bioplastics and textile glass, what truly sets him and his work apart is his holistic diversity of his design and his international outreach based on a self=determined, collaborative work approach. At the core of Ronny's work is a passion for sustainable design and the belief that everything is connected. People, ideas and product. According to Ronny's philosophy, every project is a holistic task where design and creativity cannot be divided into subcategories and where the key to quality in the connections we make.

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