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Wen Wei, to put it simply, just likes stories.


Starting his first career in an architecture firm that speaks with the community is but one of the many ways he gets to listen to, tell and create stories; of both the people and the places that they (will) live in. Shared experiences and mediums for shared experiences, connects and brings people together and it is these experiences that gives the world its colours.

Past experiences include an internship stint in Taiwan, volunteering with various groups such as Heartware Network and Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities, and renting a car to drive Uber.

Yellow Triangle

Sim Wen Wei

Aside, Wen Wei also manages multiple online handles. One focuses on sharing images of Singapore that makes people go “This doesn’t look like Singapore!”, just by exploring every corner of the island as much as possible. The other focuses on sharing about the history of places in Singapore, not as disconnected relics of a past time, but how they are intertwined with the present and our futures as well.

When not exploring the outside world, Wen Wei draws and dabbles in various forms of animation. He also dives into different sci-fi and fantasy worlds, written and visual.

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