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The Learning Village

| Myanmar | Status: Development In Progress

Faced with decades of political unrest and civil wars, the different political thoughts between the Myanmar diverse ethnic groups have caused the disruption to the millions of lives, for more than half a generation. With the changes in the recent years to the political tides, many of these ethnic groups are slowly building hopes for a more stable future, especially for their next generation. It is in this context that The Learning Village with the Teewado community was conceived.


Through the community engagement design process in the ‘Building the Teewado Primary School’ Project, it was made aware that the school building is just a shell without proper access to a good learning system. As such, a more wholistic support was developed for the Teewado community, with the completed school as the common ground. The strategy was to provide skillsets training for the local youths, teacher’s training programs, sustainable farming systems and scholarship opportunities for the current students, in collaboration with different expertise around within the ASEAN region.


The design process then became the means to implement effective solutions to empower the community in stepping out of their current own struggles. There are also hopes to have The Learning Village Project, as a precedent to the rest of the nearby communities to work towards a better future for their next generation.


The Learning Village project comprises of 2 phases of works, to be developed and implemented over a period of 6 years. The objective of the project is to provide the resources and means, through collaborations with interested expertise around the ASEAN region, to empower the Teewado community towards self-dependency and establish a good foundation for their next generation.


This is especially important for this community and the nearby villages, as a new international border transit between Thailand and Myanmar, is in the pipeline. The opening of this border transit will mean an influx of both opportunities and threats from the sudden trades and tourism. It is as such, quintessential to prepare Teewado and nearby communities, the awareness and resources to turn the threats to more sensible and sustainable development.


Phase 1| Building the Teewado Primary School

Phase 1 is realised through the construction and completion of the new Teewado Primary School. The new school compound became the means to conduct skillsets trainings for the community.

The Learning Village Phase 1

Phase 2 | Skillsets Development Programme


Phase 2 establishes the ‘software’ of the school with skillsets training, such as mechanical repair and basic carpentry skills for the local youths; sustainable farming systems; teacher’s training programs to broaden the teaching techniques and psychological development of the students and also scholarship opportunities for the current students. All these programmes established were proposed by the community themselves and WeCreate Studio facilitates the budget and resources to provide them with the opportunities.

Opportunities Created

'To be finalised upon project completion...'

Project Featured!

Archifest 2020 exhibition

2020 Archifest Exhibition
2020 Archifest Exhibition
2020 Archifest Exhibition

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